The Construction Industry Utilizing Generators Now More Than Ever

Whether the site is in the middle of an urban area or it’s located in a more remote setting, having a generator on hand for temporary or primary power supply is essential to the project. Generators are an essential part of the construction and building industry and help to establish a safe power supply for building sites. It’s also important to note that doing this can sometimes be as complex as the construction work itself.

The Construction Industry

Construction and building is considered the process of creating new or supporting existing buildings or infrastructure. There are three basic sectors of construction which include:

  • Industrial – This covers manufacturing plants, power generation plants, refineries, chemical processing plants and milling facilities to name a few.
  • Buildings – Divided into residential and non-residential, residential can be a single home or entire sub-division, non-residential can be considered commercial buildings (including high rises).
  • Infrastructure – This includes water and wastewater, utilities, dams, bridges, and highways, which can also be referred to heavy civil or heavy engineering.

New advancements in the construction industry and the equipment and tools it uses have meant that construction and building work and projects can now be completed safer and faster. This helps to render higher quality and stronger products. There’s a number of styles of larger automated tools available on the market today, this includes concrete mixers and finish machines, air compressors, welders and light towers which can all be powered by a gas/diesel engine or electric supply, as well as hand tools which also require electric supply.

it’s not uncommon that at times on building sites, utility power isn’t available at the construction site throughout the project. Advancements in power generators and tooling now mean that teams can use electric tools on site. Using a power generator also provides less noise and exhaust pollution in populated areas.

Small to Medium Requirements

Generators come in different sizes which provide different power outputs. Smaller to medium building sites would usually benefit from a 10 to 499 kW, the output voltage of this is from 120 to 480 VAC. As well as including single and three phase availability which ultimately depends on the generator. 

These types of portable generators provide easy transportation around the building sites and include a range of features which mean you can get on with your building project, knowing that you have a power backup source.

Features include:

  • Engine
  • Alternator
  • Cooling System
  • Fuel Tank
  • Control Panel and Output Connections
  • Sound Attenuated Enclosure
  • Trailer with Ball Hitch.

Generator companies can provide advice when it comes to hiring power sources for building projects. There’s a range of power generate systems out there to help satisfy particular project requirements. Whether you require transportation for the generator to different sites throughout the project or generators for extreme weather and operating conditions, these are all common areas for generator companies, so you’re bound to find a generator system that suits your requirements.

Large Requirements

Large building projects, like high-rise towers and civil work, tends to require generators which will supply a large amount of power. Generators which have a capacity of 500 to 4,000 kW and output voltages from 208 to 13,800 are suitable for these requirements. 

Types of these projects may require the generator to be portable and some may need a stationary unit, each and every large construction project will have a different set of power requirements. These types of sites will use large generators to power transformers, switches, and control panels.
In some cases contractors may show the need for a temporary power solution, this can be in case of potential power failures and the need for a backup source.


Whether your building project is large or small, or for a domestic or commercial property, you will also need suitable scaffolding. To ensure you use the correct and safest scaffolding for your project make sure you use a reputable scaffolding firm like ourselves. Our fully trained and skilled scaffolding design team can design and erect scaffolding that meets your requirements while ensuring maximum safety at all times. For more information on the scaffolding services, we can provide, speak to a member of our team.

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